The Dagger video was graciously shot and directed by my two good friends, Svjetlana Jaklenec (Director) and Brent Robinson  SOC (DOP). I had been scouting locations for years, always dreaming of shooting in these two places. I have an obsession with abandoned places, places with history that I can feel in my bones. Places that give me the chills. We trekked out over a weekend with a skeleton crew (and best buds) to shoot Dagger, going from sunshine to downpouring rain within hours. We shot at an abandoned house and an old water mill. The second day we shot the band at E5 studios in Mississauga and we had an absolute blast. The video is a dreamy landscape that slowly turns dark, beautifully cut between the band that fades in and out. The imagery of the band rocking out while I stand still is the epicentre of the video and I like the way it conveys all the emotions in the song. Like the world is spinning around you and you have no choice but to keep standing. I want to thank the entire crew that came out and helped tirelessly to make this video as amazing it is.



Killing Desire is now available for download! You can purchase the song here in the player above and all of the revenue goes directly to Madisyn!


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The second single from Save Our Hearts, Killing Desire, will be availble September 17th 2020! You can pre-order now and the video will also be online on the 17th. 


A big thanks goes out to Tom Power and everyone at Q on CBC radio today for playing Summer Love!

Madisyn was very excited that her song was played on the same show as one of her all time favorite musicians Shania Twain. 

If you missed the show you can still listen by clicking on the image below.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 10.33.25 PM.pn


Summer Love has been added to Amplify Music Mag's Playlist ! 

There are a lot of great artists on this list, make sure you check all of them out. 


Summer Love has made it onto the Exclaim Eh! List, for all you Spotify users out there make sure to check it out. Its got a lot of great bands you know and a lot of amazing new talent. 


Check out the new article in American Blues Scene ! 



Thanks for stopping by to check out my new video - I am so excited to share this with you! Special thanks to the Macintosh Family for all their help with the video. Select 1080p for the best quality. Summer Love is available for download in high quality format right here on my website! 




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